Questioning lifecycle

The rolling window family will be deprecated in the future. Please consider using the slide package.

Multiprocessing equivalents of slide(), tile(), stretch() prefixed by future_.

  • Variants for corresponding types: future_*_lgl(), future_*_int(), future_*_dbl(), future_*_chr(), future_*_dfr(), future_*_dfc().

  • Extra arguments .progress and .options for enabling progress bar and the future specific options to use with the workers.


It requires the package furrr to be installed. Please refer to furrr for performance and detailed usage.


if (!requireNamespace("furrr", quietly = TRUE)) { stop("Please install the furrr package to run these following examples.") } # \dontrun{ library(furrr)
#> Loading required package: future
plan(multiprocess) my_diag <- function(...) { data <- list(...) fit <- lm(Count ~ Time, data = data) tibble(fitted = fitted(fit), resid = residuals(fit)) } pedestrian %>% group_by_key() %>% nest() %>% mutate(diag = future_map(data, ~ future_pslide_dfr(., my_diag, .size = 48)))
#> Error in nest(.): could not find function "nest"
# } # nocov start